The bourbon sample used for this review was provided to us at no cost, courtesy of the respective company.

One of the few independent bottlers in American Whiskey, Lost Lantern, has found a partner with Cedar Ridge Distillery in Iowa.

Iowa, you say! What other state has an Iowa Corn Promotion Board? It is also the largest producer of corn in the US. What makes bourbon so good? CORN!


I knew going into this review that the bourbon would be on the sweeter side due to the amount of corn in the mashbill. The nose was sweet but not overpowering. Vanilla and a hint of banana popped through at the start, which was a pleasant surprise since banana is not a staple aroma I usually smell.

The sip had very little heat and was pleasing to the palate. Delectable tastes of honey and oak swirled around the mouth.

Finally, the finish was the most interesting as the prior notes faded to baking spices, such as nutmeg and cinnamon. I recommend this bourbon to someone who dislikes the Kentucky hug and wants to experience a sweeter bourbon. I see this whiskey being served neat after dinner or combined with a dessert.

3/5 Barrels 
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