The bourbon sample used for this review was provided to us at no cost, courtesy of the respective company.

A new bourbon has crossed my desk, Limestone Farms. I only have a little backstory besides what the website explains. “A Farm of Distinction.”

They have just announced that their bourbon will be available in Kentucky this month, and they will have a soft launch in Louisville and Lexington.


The bourbon is like night and day. The color of the pour is a rich tawny shade with a little bit of ethanol that dissipates quickly into a butterscotch and caramel aroma. After letting it stew for a couple of minutes, the scent of butter toffee starts to resonate.

A burn from the first sip hits your palate like gangbusters, but flavors of orange citrus, cooked brown sugar and vanilla come through. For a young bourbon, the initial profile is solid.

That said, the ethanal aftertaste remains with you long after you swallow. Unfortunately, this is typically for a young bourbon brand as they rush to market.

At 114 proof, I did expect the burn, but it lingers a little longer than expected, but like I said before, “The bourbon is like night and day.” The beginning is solid, but the finish is something to be desired.

Overall, with a bit of maturing, this could be a go-to dram, but I can only give it three barrels now. I look forward to seeing how this brand professes through the already crowded bourbon world.

This whiskey receives 3/5 Barrels.

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