The bourbon sample used for this review was provided to us at no cost, courtesy of the respective company.

The great state of Texas continues to release fantastic bourbon. That is especially true when referring to Garrison Brothers Guadalupe.

The first legal distillery in Texas, the company embraces the state’s heat. Nothing good comes from 130-degree heat, or does it?

Although they may have nuked their first barrels, they have overcome the elements and produced some damn fine whiskey.


I had help on this review, my brother-in-law, Charlie, my sister Tracee, and finally, my mom all had a hand deciphering the pour this past weekend.

Once we popped the top, the aroma of butterscotch, a slight hint of port wine, which is to be expected since it was aged an additional two years in port barrels. We prepared ourselves for the first sip, assuming it would be hot at 107 proof, but it wasn’t scorched earth.

As we rolled the whiskey around, we noted a different flavor. Notes of cinnamon, brown sugar, pecan, and chocolate were said, but we all landed on buttered toffee as the main profile. More like a Heath Bar, someone said.

I noted it was like walking into a popcorn shop on Main and immediately getting hit with the sweet flavors of the day.

The finish was long and warm, not too much, but enough that you knew you were drinking Texas Bourbon. Being finished in Port Barrels, I thought more fruit would be prevalent, but I did not get that.

This is a bourbon I would recommend to anyone looking for something different than a standard bourbon. The world beware, Texas bourbon is here to stay.

I want to thank Charlie & Tracee Tackett and my mom, Wanda, for helping me with this review. I love you all.

This whiskey receives 4/5 Barrels.

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