The US District Court for the Central District of California entered the judgment on July 3 after Allocated Liquor LLC failed to respond to Sazerac’s complaint.

Sazerac alleges that Allocated sells Weller-branded bourbon products with marks identical to the Weller registered trademarks. Sazerac submits screenshots of Allocated’s now-defunct website offering “Sample gift box set[s]” of miniature Weller-branded bourbons, products that Sazerac does not produce. Sazerac alleges that the miniature bourbons Allocated offered for sale are “nearly identical imitations of genuine WELLER branded products sold by Sazerac,” bearing “exact copies of the WELLER Marks.”

Sazerac’s allegations that Allocated sold “nearly identical” miniature bourbons bearing “exact copies” of the Weller mark sufficiently establish that the identified products are counterfeit and, therefore, inherently confusing. Moreover, Sazerac submits evidence that its customers were confused by Allocated’s counterfeits, as a customer contacted Sazerac seeking to purchase “additional WELLER miniature bottles.”
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