Lexington-based distillery RD1 Spirits has transitioned from WM Tarr to RD1 Whiskey. The beloved, limited release of WM Tarr, a blend of 8-year rye and 7-year bourbon, is coming to an end, and RD1 will turn the page to a new line of whiskeys and a new premium package design.

The first two releases include a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey at 98 proof ($49), and a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished with French Oak at 101 proof ($59).

“We are excited to transition into this new bourbon with a brand that truly reflects where we’re headed,” said RD1 Vice President of Marketing Chris Tetterton. “Our whiskeys aren’t just made for collecting. We are extremely proud of our premium bourbon line, but we think that bourbon is still best enjoyed with others.”

The new releases launched first in the tasting room and are now available on shelves in Kentucky and soon to be Indiana. They are also available online for purchase on their website.

RD1 Spirits invite you to their tasting room for a multitude of activities. Visitors can book an in-depth tasting experience of two multi-award-winning whiskeys and their newest Kentucky Straight Bourbons with an option to upgrade to their ultra-rare 12-year Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

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