Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

For some Kentucky distillers, bourbon is just a business. For the Burks family, distilling bourbon is a passion with a rich history that began in hollows of Kentucky. At the turn of the 19th century, Charles Burks began his bourbon distilling operation on his Hardin Creek farm. Eventually the distillery was named Burks Spring Distillery and it produced various bottled in bond Kentucky straight bourbon whiskies such as Old Happy Hollow and Burks Spring Genuine Sour Mash. The Burks family produced their bourbon for nearly 115 years before prohibition was enacted in 1919 and the family sold the business. It would change hands a few more times over the years, but the original distillery still stands today on the property owned and operated by Maker’s Mark in Loretto, KY.

Fast forward over 100 years later to 2018. Dick Burks (great-great-great grandson of Charles Burks) became captivated with the strong bourbon history in his family and decided to re-introduce their classic bourbon to the world. Using a mash bill inspired by the historic recipe and the original distilling process, Burks Spring Bourbon will be released in April 2024 on a very limited basis.

“It’s my pleasure to share this Burks family recipe that was inspired by my great-great-great grandfather over 200 years ago,” said Dick Burks. “I take great pride in continuing the family bourbon tradition whose original mission in life was to heal the sick, produce mirth, laughter, and good fellowship.”

Burks Spring Bourbon is a high rye bourbon bottled at 100 proof and will be sold in 750ml bottles. There will be roughly 2,000 bottles available at select retailers.


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