Log Still Distillery is entering two new markets. In a partnership with Winebow Fine Wine & Spirits and MadVines & Spirits, Monk’s Road line of bourbon and gins and Rattle & Snap Tennessee Whiskey line will hit shelves in South Carolina and Alabama, respectively, by the end of August.

“Expanding into South Carolina and Alabama is a significant milestone for Log Still Distillery,” said Wally Dant, Log Still Distillery President and Distiller. “Our family’s dedication to crafting exceptional spirits has been embraced by many, and we’re eager to share our passion with these new markets. The rich heritage of the South resonates with our own distillery history, and we believe our Monk’s Road and Rattle & Snap lines will find a warm welcome in these states. We’re not just sharing a bottle of whiskey; we’re sharing a piece of our family-owned distillery ethos, and we can’t wait for people to experience the tradition and quality that goes into every drop.”

The Log Still Distillery campus is also home to The Amp, an outdoor amphitheater, a special event venue, and six unique bed and breakfasts. After becoming fully operational in September 2022, the Gethsemane, KY distillery produces 22,000 barrels annually.

  • Monk’s Road Fifth District Series II: The Fifth District line of Monk’s Road Bourbons is a limited-release series of rotating bourbons that pays tribute to the historic distilleries of the fifth tax district. 
  • Rattle & Snap 4-Year Tennessee Select Straight Whiskey: Classic sour mash aged to perfection over four years, allowing notes of vanilla, nutmeg, and spice to come to fruition for a long-lasting, sweet finish.
  • Monk’s Road Wheated Bourbon: This 4-year-old Wheated Bourbon is light and smooth. Using wheat as the predominant secondary grain, Monk’s Road Wheated is a sweet and smooth product that’s approachable and balanced.

In addition to Alabama and South Carolina, Log Still Distillery currently distributes in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Ohio, and Georgia, with new states coming soon.

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