The University of Kentucky Legend Tim Couch partners with new, superior bourbon outfit.

Limestones Farms announced the launch of their inaugural “Select Batch” super-premium bourbon. Limestone Farms produces an exceptional product thanks to selecting mature and often rare mash bills from highly acclaimed distilleries. These mash bills are masterfully crafted and blended for a non-homogenized, uniquely delicious flavor every time.

Located in Georgetown, KY, where the first bourbons were created in the late 18th century, lies the five-generation Morgan Family Farms. This vast and picturesque land boasts rolling hills and springs of limestone flowing water which feed into the vital 99-mile-long Bluegrass Elkhorn Creek. Limestone Farms recently began construction on a blending building and anticipate breaking ground on a state-of-the-art distillery on this magnificent property very shortly.

Limestone Farms, located just a few miles outside Lexington, is also a working Black Angus Cattle farm owned and operated by Founding Partner Bethany Dillow. Bethany, her husband/fellow Founding Partner Darin Dillow, Ph. D., and their family live on the farm to this day and continue to build on a legacy that dates back to the late-1800s.

The Dillow’s, along with brothers Tim and Greg Couch, are joined by Bobby Sturgeon and Tyler Burke. Additionally, industry expert Barry Downing has joined Limestone Farms as their Executive Vice President and will serve as master blender. Downing, who has more than 30 years of experience in the wine and spirits space, is an industry leader and sought-after professional who has created tremendous success for the brands he’s represented from coast to coast and around the world, holding executive leadership and board positions with business on four continents.

“Industry judges, stewards, and media reviewers all agree that much of the whiskey’s flavors come from the barrels,” said Downing. “Crafting and blending the right barrels is vital in creating an exceptional tasting experience for consumers. Limestone Farms blends the right barrels together for the right reasons to showcase each barrel’s charm in the finished product.”

Downing explained how enjoying a high-quality bourbon is similar to an amazing culinary experience, layering flavors of foods, spices, acids, etc., to create an unforgettable memory. “From the appearance to the nose to the entrance into the mouth, all the way through to the lingering finish, each of these areas must be clean, full, expressive, complex, and most importantly enjoyable,” he said.

Darin Dillow added, “When we started out on this journey, we never intended to be the biggest in the bourbon space, only the best. We are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional and memorable experience with each and every pour.”

Over the coming weeks, Limestone Farms will make announcements related to public appearances, bottle signings, tastings, distillery updates, and more.

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