Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

As conference basketball tournaments start, we have our own bourbon madness bracket. Instead of a bracket of 64, we narrowed it down to 32 of the best bourbons in the world. There are four sections, Rye, Budget, Premium, and Wheat. Each section has a number 1 seed.

  • Rye: Sazerac
  • Budget Buffalo Trace
  • Premium: Pappy 15-Year-Old
  • Wheat: Weller 12-Year-Old

After the voting, I will reveal The Bourbon Flight’s Grand Champion. Please email me [email protected] your filled-in bracket.

A couple of first-round upsets, starting with the number 1 seed Sazerac getting knocked off by Basil Hayden. Another upset is in the budget bracket as Elijah Craig overcomes a powerful Woodford Reserve.

Basil Hayden continues to be the cinderella of this bracket. Four Roses knocks off Buffalo Trace, but I was not surprised.

The final four was a blood bath as there was only a .09% difference between Eagle Rare and E.H. Taylor.

Elijah Craig completed the upset coming out of the budget region to land a spot in the final two.

E.H. Taylor wins, but it was close—only a 12-vote difference.




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