In 2021 our Legends Distillery 115 Wheated Bourbon won the Double Platinum award and was then voted Best in Category making it the Best Wheated Bourbon in the Country.

After the award show wrapped up, Ascot Award founder and highly praised competition judge, Fred Minnick, urged all his followers to seek Legends and this led to the 115 Wheated Bourbon selling out at the distillery and multiple stores across Georgia.

This spring, Legends Distillery decided to enter our Vodka, 115 Wheated Bourbon and Single Barrel Bourbon into the 2022 Ascot Awards with the goal of retaining our title and the results were amazing. Our vodka received a Platinum award and both our 115 Wheated Bourbon and Single Barrel Bourbon received Double Platinum!

Now we wait to see if we go back to back with the Best in Category Award which will be in June but until then we are celebrating our Ascot Awards and are honored by the judge’s feedback.

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