Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Jeptha Creed Distillery opened its doors on November 11th, 2016. Serendipitously, their grand opening coincided with Veterans Day. In honor of this shared date, Jeptha Creed allows visiting Veterans and active military to sign their name on an aging barrel of red, white, and blue corn bourbon.

After these barrels age for at least 4 years – they are dumped, bottled, and placed in the gift shop for purchase. A portion of every purchase is donated to a local Veteran organization that assists Veterans. Jeptha Creed released its first batch of this bourbon last year and recognized that the used barrels provided another opportunity to honor Veterans. To accomplish this, Jeptha Creed has partnered with a local Veteran-owned-and-operated business, Cruise Customs Flags, to repurpose the barrels into the largest bourbon barrel American flag ever made.

Chris Cruise, the owner of Cruise Customs, was one of the first individuals to sign a red, white, and blue bourbon barrel in 2017 when he started the company. His company specializes in custom flags produced from repurposed bourbon barrels. Six years after signing an early Jeptha Creed barrel, his company is crafting this large flag, including the actual barrel he signed. This flag will be the biggest American flag ever constructed from bourbon barrels. Cruise takes pride in this opportunity, saying, “It really feels like it’s coming full circle; that we are producing the largest flag ever made from bourbon barrels, and it will include a barrel I signed.”

The flag will be comprised of several signed barrels. It will have shelves to display challenge coins gifted to the Nethery family by various government officials and Veterans that have visited. Once completed, Jeptha Creed will display the massive American tribute in their visitor’s center. In addition to the large showpiece, Cruise plans to make several smaller ‘Lieutenant flags’ from the signed barrels, which will be available in the Jeptha Creed gift shop.

Jeptha Creed and Cruise Customs plan to unveil the flag on June 14th, Flag Day and National Bourbon Day, by reverently displaying it at Jeptha Creed Distillery.

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