James E. Pepper Distillery (DSP-KY-5), is pleased to announce the nationwide release of a new whiskey:  a 5-year-old Barrel Proof Bourbon presented in a recreated vintage Decanter, originally bottled at the distillery in the 1940s.  The distinctive and elegant bottle design accentuates the whiskey’s rich ruby hue, achieved through the use of fine cooperage and a low barrel entry proof. 

Distilled & bottled in Lexington, the new core release from the brand, showcases the oldest stocks of whiskies and the unique distilling and blending program at the distillery.  The distillery produces historic bourbon and rye recipes, along with blending component whiskies that highlight historic flavor grains used at the distillery.  Surprisingly drinkable, with a balanced and complex flavor profile, tasting notes include toasted oak, walnuts, marzipan, dried dark fruits, citrus peel, creamy vanilla and nutmeg. 

The initial releases of the Decanter Bourbon feature a final grain bill that includes corn, rye, malted barley and malted rye.  All whiskies were crafted using water from the historic distillery well and aged in new toasted and charred barrels made from Kentucky oak air-seasoned for a minimum of 18-24 months.  Due to the low barrel entry proof, the initial batches were bottled with a final cask strength averaging 105-proof.  The suggested retail price is $65. 

Each bottle contains unique batch numbers, and the innovative distilling and blending program will pave the way for future releases with creative variations, creating a distinct offering in the world of whiskey.

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