Tyler Wood has expanded beyond Album Sales and TV Ratings. The Country Music Singer-Songwriter and former Cast Member of the Discovery Channel Reality TV show “Moonshiners” is making waves in Craft Distilling. Tyler has taken his Family’s nearly 200 years of Whiskey Heritage and has built a State-of-the-Art 10,000-square-foot Craft Whiskey Distillery in his native Lewisburg, Kentucky. It’s a proud moment for Tyler, carrying forth the Wood Family Legacy as his Whiskey is about to hit the shelves Statewide in Kentucky.

Tyler comes from a decorated family history, to say the least, from Civil War Veterans and Military Men to Moonshiners and Bootleggers. Tyler himself did a tour in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Department of Defense Contractor. It’s these experiences that led Tyler to carry forward his Family’s Legacy, Distilling White Whiskey and Bootlegging it from South Florida to as far North as Nova Scotia, Canada. Tylers’ Whiskey quickly gained notoriety throughout the Southern United States and beyond and subsequently landed Tyler a Spotlight on the Discovery Channel’s Hit Reality TV Show “Moonshiners.”

Shortly after introducing his Family Heritage to the show’s millions of viewers, Tyler further made a name for himself as a songwriter and Country Music recording artist in Nashville, Tennessee. He recorded his first album, “Outlaw Soul,” in 2014, which includes the hit song “Still Ridin’ Shotgun” and over 75 Million streams worldwide, soon to be a Certified Gold Record. He recorded his second album, “Road to Redemption,” in 2016 and “Who I Am” in 2018, which includes the hit song “Dad” that recently made the top 20 Billboard charts and is quickly gaining steam as the #1 Father’s Day song in the world. Tyler’s latest album is “My Hallelujah” and is now streaming everywhere music is available.

“I wanted to establish a Family Legacy and make something for all the men and women that carried the Wood name. This is an opportunity for me to use my platform, especially in this industry, to share the importance of Faith in God’s morality and raise awareness about moderation and responsibility and what it means to be a man and a good person. At the end of the day, we make a product that is Made To Be Enjoyed Responsibly”, said Tyler.

“Our Top Shelf Whiskey is the real deal. While many Distilleries go for quantity, we are all about producing a pure, quality product. We don’t cut corners. It takes years of time and experience to learn how to make the right Heads & Tails cuts and we only Bottle the Hearts-of-the-Run for a pure authentic Whiskey. This is how Whiskey was intended to be made,” said Tyler.

“I think it’s time that people had the opportunity to enjoy real White Whiskey from generations past as it was back then. I’m confident that our product will make some huge waves in the World of Whiskey and deliver an honest, authentic product to the Top Shelves of every store in the United States and around the World,” said Tyler.

“Next year, some of the Finest Bourbon in Kentucky will be bottled and it’s going to turn a few heads,” said Tyler.

Using all-natural ingredients, Tyler Wood Distilling Company offers a unique experience into what Tyler believes White Whiskey really is – a great, smooth, powerful product to be enjoyed in moderation. Not overly stripped down through distillation but keeping the notes and flavors of its real organic and pure ingredients, or as he likes to put it, Made the Old Way.

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