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As bourbon continues to expand, it is only natural that one of the closest states to Kentucky, Indiana has quite the bourbon boom going on. More and more distilleries continue to pop up in the Hoosier state.

We continue with Part 9 of The Bourbon Flight’s Bourbon Distilleries Across America series, which explores distilleries throughout the United States. This series will introduce bourbon lovers to both known and unknown distilleries.

This is simply an informative piece, not a review since we have yet to sample the bourbons. We want to inform readers that distilling bourbon is a nationwide love. Tradition and passion run through each bottle of bourbon, from Elmer T. Lee to the unknown distiller.

We cannot highlight every distillery in a state, but we will certainly try to bring the most helpful information to you. We plan on highlighting two states in each Original Pour.

Keep checking back to see when your state is highlighted. We are going in alphabetical order.


1205 Distillery—Indianapolis, Indiana

Named after Prohibition ended, 1205 is a small batch distillery with two locations. Both locations have a tasting room and cocktail lounge with multiple spirits. The north site has live music on the weekends and other events.

The tasting rooms are spacious, with plenty of room to watch a game or relax with friends around the barrel bar tables. An exposed ceiling and glimpses of the stills give this room an industrial vibe, but the warm colors bring it back to where you would want to drink a little bourbon.

Indiana grown/made/owned is the 1205 tagline, but the tasty bourbon is the main attraction. Four Fingers bourbon is part of a more extensive series. Why four fingers? It’s not funny, but the series was born after an unfortunate accident where the owner lost his pinky and the knuckle of his ring finger cutting wood.

Bear Wallow Distillery—Nashville, Indiana

Susan Spagnuolo is the sole owner of the distillery that helped implement Indiana’s Artisan Distillers Law in 2013. The distillery opened its doors in the summer of 2014. The name comes from a place where moonshiners hid their product from the law, where bears were abundant, and no one would venture in to look for the illegal product.

Gnaw Bone is the distillery’s signature wheated bourbon. They also have limited edition barrel strength that only produces about 1000 bottles. You can purchase a bottle or plan a visit to the distillery’s country motif shop and tasting room. Outdoor seating and special events are available.

Boone Co Jail Distillery—Lebanon, Indiana

A brother and sister team, Nicki and Sean Stoller, cultivated a brand new distillery experience when they opened the Boone County Jail Distillery. The jail was decommissioned in 1992. The siblings started working on renovating the property in 2015.

What is not to like about a distillery, restaurant and solid bourbons? The Kinnard & Drake brand bourbon comes in a straight, toasted, single barrel. If you have a sweet tooth, try the Brown Jug Bourbon Cream. It is perfect with root beer or over ice cream.

Cell Block 104 allows you to have a meal in a jail cell. The multi-purpose cell can eat or lounge around, biding your time until release.

Cardinal Spirits—Bloomington, Indiana

Bloomington’s first and only craft distillery. This distillery doesn’t concentrate on bourbon. It produces RTD cocktails and other spirits. A tasting room, restaurant, and distillery are all wrapped in one location.

The distillery overlooks the B-Line trail. The owners explain, “We started Cardinal Spirits to increase connections between people. Spirits make talking to strangers, friends, and family easier.”

Produced by MGP, Cardinal Spirits has two bourbons. A Four Grain and a Barrel Proof Single Barrel Bourbon can be enjoyed on the expansive back patio or inside the bar. Both options are great for a weekend night of fun.

Hotel Tango Distillery—Indianapolis, Indiana
www. hoteltangodistillery.com

Travis, Hilary Barnes, and friends started Hotel Tango in 2014. The name honors Travis’ military service: the representation is based on the NATO phonetic alphabet, Hotel for Hilary, Tango for Travis. “Spirits that are fit to serve and made to share.”

They have a flagship tasting room in the heart of Indianapolis. It is in the historic Fletcher Place neighborhood. The industry motif is inviting, and the large stone fireplace in the middle of the room brings warmth.

Hotel Tango serves food and good cocktails. The bourbon bottle has a certain military style to it, but it is what is inside that is the star. The three bourbon offerings are Reserve Bourbon, Ready to Drink Bourbon and Red, White & Bourbon. All three have won numerous awards competitions.

Spirits of French Lick—West Baden Springs, Indiana

The distillery is named after the historic French Lick Springs Hotel and the West Baden Springs Hotel, both in the vicinity.

In addition to its distillery operations, The Spirits of French Lick also operates a tasting room where visitors can sample its spirits and learn about the distilling process. The tasting room features a bar, lounge area, and outdoor patio.

The distillery has won numerous awards for its spirits, including gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The Spirits of French Lick is also known for its commitment to sustainability, using renewable energy sources and minimizing its environmental impact.

The Indiana Whiskey Company—South Bend, Indiana

The distillery is a distillery located in the upper part of the state. Home to the University of Notre Dame, South Bend is more than just a football town now. The distillery produces a range of high-quality whiskeys. It was founded in 2011 by Stuart and Laurie Hobson, inspired by the history and heritage of whiskey-making in Indiana.

The distillery uses locally sourced grains and traditional distilling techniques to create various whiskey products, including bourbon, rye, and single malt whiskeys. Their products are known for their smooth and complex flavors, as well as their distinctive packaging and branding.

In addition to producing whiskey, The Indiana Whiskey Company also offers tours and tastings at their distillery, as well as private events and whiskey education classes. They have received numerous awards and accolades for their products. Overall, The Indiana Whiskey Company is a respected and innovative distillery helping revive the rich whiskey-making tradition in Indiana.

Three Rivers Distilling—Fort Wayne, Indiana

Three Rivers is a craft distillery in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Founded in 2016 by Travis Kraick, the distillery specializes in producing premium spirits using locally sourced ingredients and traditional distilling techniques.

The distillery also produces a range of other spirits, including gin, rum, and bourbon whiskey. One of the unique features of Three Rivers Distilling is its focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The distillery uses a closed-loop cooling system that reduces water usage by 90%, and its spent grain is used as animal feed for local farmers. The distillery also uses solar panels to generate some of its electricity needs. Three Rivers Distilling offers tours and tastings at its facility, private events and cocktail classes.

West Fork Whiskey Co.—Indianapolis, Indiana

The distillery was founded in 2015 by Blake Jones and David McIntyre, two friends who shared a passion for whiskey-making and a desire to create high-quality spirits using locally sourced ingredients.

West Fork Whiskey Co. produces a range of small-batch whiskeys, including bourbon, rye, single malt, and several unique flavored whiskeys. The distillery uses traditional distilling techniques and modern technology to create its products, known for their smoothness, complexity, and balanced flavors.

One of the unique features of West Fork Whiskey Co. is its focus on using local ingredients. The distillery sources its grains from Indiana farmers and uses locally sourced wood for its barrels, made by a local cooperage. This commitment to local sourcing helps to support the local economy and gives West Fork Whiskey Co.’s products a distinctive regional character.

West Fork Whiskey Co. offers tours and tastings at its distillery, private events and whiskey education classes.

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