Craft whiskey distiller Infamous Whiskey announced the purchase of a 22,120 square foot building located at 208 East Broad Street, Greensboro, Georgia, for their distillery and company headquarters. The property includes 153 feet of street front windows and is in the heart of Greensboro’s downtown historic district (Property video below). The company will now start applying for the necessary licenses and permits to begin renovations to build out the distillery while preserving the historical integrity of the eighty-three-year-old building.

The company’s new headquarters was the former Green Supply Store constructed in 1940 and is conveniently located near the intersection of Main Street and Broad Street, an area known for its historical charm and thriving arts and cultural district, within walking distance from parks, restaurants, unique shops, museums, various historical sites (c. 1800-1940), schools, the public library, Greene County Courthouse (1849), and Festival Hall.

Infamous Whiskey founder and CEO Lorenzo Tremonti said: “We’re proud to call Greene County and the city of Greensboro home and look forward to many years of success and collaboration with other local businesses. We couldn’t have completed this acquisition without the great support of our local community.”

Directly across the street is the original Greene County Sheriff’s Department and the Old Greene County “Gaol” (antiquated spelling of jail) built in 1895, a rock castle-style structure and a popular tourist attraction. The jail is named for Sheriff L.L. Wyatt, who is legendary for, ironically, a decades-long battle against illegal moonshiners in Greene County during the Prohibition. Greene County was infamous for supplying moonshine to Atlanta’s finest hotels and speakeasies and beyond. Almost one hundred years later, Infamous Whiskey will now set up headquarters across the street where distillers were once condemned to distill and distribute craft spirits across the U.S.

“One of the cool things about visiting our distillery is you will also be able to experience the unique history of the charming historic small town. You’ll get a taste of the nostalgia of a bygone era as you walk down Main Street with a sweet tea and a slice of buttermilk pie from the local cafe and we are so excited to infuse our brand with that experience. We’re looking forward to joining the local chamber of commerce soon and to all we can accomplish together,” said company president Mark Matuszek.

Infamous Whiskey Inc. was able to pay the full asking price in cash at closing, avoiding high finance charges due to their successful seed investment round, which is still underway. The historic building qualifies for many local Rural Zone tax incentives and credits for rehabilitation, property investment, and job creation.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity to be located in such a picturesque town and establish ourselves as an anchor tourism destination. As we renovate and scale, we project creating 25-30 full-time jobs to staff a gift shop, offer tours and tastings, and host an ‘Infamous Whiskey Lab’ experience where visitors will learn about the history and process of distilling American spirits and fill their souvenir bottle directly from the barrel. Each label of our Infamous craft spirits line will proudly state ‘Made in Greensboro, Georgia’ and be distributed all over the United States,” said Chairman and CFO Peter M. Allen.

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