The Industrious Spirit Company (ISCO) announced that their Blue Velvet Bourbon would rejoin their spirits lineup. The company’s initial experimental run of Blue Velvet was released in January 2021 and sold out in mere hours; now, the wait for more is finally over.

“We are proud to bring back Blue Velvet Bourbon,” said Dan Neff and Eric Olson, Head Distillers at ISCO. “This continues to be a very special project for us. While good things take time, and bourbon generally ages for at least two years (as will most of ours), the unique nature of the corn that we used for this special project has allowed us to create something youthful yet fully expressive, showing off our passion for flavor. Our favorite way to enjoy Blue Velvet is sipped neat or on the rocks.”

This unique bourbon is created from 100% blue corn using a blend of two very special and distinct varieties—an organic strain of indigo developed in Kentucky and a landrace blue variety from Oaxaca, Mexico (“landrace” indicates a plant grown in its original region with a nearly identical genetic makeup to its wild ancestor).

After being cooked and fermented (fun fact: blue corn turns pink when you ferment it due to a pH change!), ISCO carefully distills this bourbon in small batches before resting it in charred new oak barrels for six to twelve months “to taste”— their goal is to ensure the corns’ flavors remain the star of the show. A unique marriage of cultures and places, Blue Velvet, boasts heaps of caramel, chocolate and vanilla flavors and a signature note of blue corn tortillas. Bottled at a whopping 100 proof to preserve the rich flavors and robust mouthfeel, it lingers for a lasting finish of toast and oak—a bourbon you won’t soon forget!

While ISCO created significantly more Blue Velvet than its first release last year, this second release will also sell out. The first bottles will be available for purchase at the distillery that evening and over the following days.

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