The Louisville Orchestra, in partnership with Woodford Reserve, is celebrating Bourbon Heritage Month with a gala and the release of an exclusive bourbon created by conductor and music director Teddy Abrams.

“A Spectacle for the Senses” is a full-orchestral concert that includes special pairings of Woodford Reserve with Assistant Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall.

“The notes in the bourbon will be paired perfectly with the notes in the orchestral pieces, creating a sensation for the palate and ears,” said Abrams, named “Conductor of the Year for 2022”  by Musical America. “This will be a concert like no other in Louisville Orchestra history – a true spectacle.”

The event is a fundraiser for the Louisville Orchestra and includes dinner and hand-crafted specialty cocktails at The Cafe. In addition, attendees will receive one bottle of Teddy’s exclusive Woodford Reserve Personal Selection Bourbon. Only 180 bottles of “Maestro’s Pick” was crafted by combining two single barrels of Woodford Reserve. Abrams created the bourbon last spring during a visit to the distillery in Versailles.

The bottles are hand-numbered and signed by Abrams and McCall. Tickets are $1,000 for individuals and $1,500 for couples. 

Following dinner is an orchestral concert at Paristown Hall. Each ticket includes a special tasting of Woodford Reserve that will be paired with music compositions chosen by Abrams. The music will highlight the different flavor notes found in Woodford Reserve – fruit and floral, sweet, wood, grain, and spice. 

Abrams and McCall will lead the group during the tasting, showing people how to use their senses to pull out flavor notes in the bourbon while picking up notes from different instruments. 

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