Owned by Willett but bottled under the Johnny Drum Distillery Company. The story that goes along with this bourbon may be a little far-fetched, but here goes. Johnny Drum was a drummer boy in 1861 for the Confederate army during the Civil War.

After the war, he returned to Kentucky and settled by a beautiful spring. Johnny was to maximize his profits with his excess corn crop. Hence, Johnny started distilling whiskey. There are three editions of Johnny Drum, private, black and green label.

Coming in at 101 proof it stands up to other ingredients if used in a cocktail. A complex and balanced bourbon, but still widely unknown. A value buy in the mid-$30 range.

The nose is sour apple, vanilla, and oak. The palate is a snowball rolling over fruits, vanilla, and spices, mixing them all together into a well-balanced and complex Whiskey.

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