Dunamis Premium Spirits, a brand that creates premium liquors for extraordinary people, has launched the Greatness Movement. The movement, brainchild of Dunamis founder and CEO, serial entrepreneur and business leader Victor Young, honors the liquor brand’s customers who aren’t just ordinary drinkers – they’re game changers, play makers, and successful movers and shakers who are always striving for greatness.

With an ABV of 45% (90 proof), Dunamis Interstellar Bourbon is a smooth and bold spirit meant to be enjoyed with the best and brightest minds. This exceptional bourbon is designed for those who want to explore the limits of what is possible and achieve greatness beyond measure.

Dunamis Premium Spirits is more than just a brand of premium liquors. It’s a testament to the pursuit of greatness and excellence, and it all started with founder Victor Young’s humble beginnings. Young was raised believing that greatness can be achieved in every enterprise, and he has applied this philosophy to his passion for crafting premium spirits.

“If you’re an extraordinary person who seeks the best in everything you do, join The Greatness Movement and experience the premium spirits of Dunamis,” said Young. “At Dunamis, we believe every moment is an opportunity for greatness, and our premium spirits are the perfect companion for those who share this philosophy.”

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