Now that the new year has begun let’s start looking at bourbons that we should be drinking in 2023. Here are four that people will be talking about in the new year. Each should be easily located and a great addition to your winter sipping rotation.

Bib & Tucker 6-Year-Old Small Batch Bourbon

  • Introduced in 2014, this 6-year-old small-batch bourbon should be on everyone’s radar. Most reviews call this an entry-level bourbon, but we disagree. Full of flavor and complexity, Bib & Tucker may be in an already crowded field but it holds its own.

Frey Ranch Straight Bourbon Whiskey

  • As with all releases from Frey Ranch, 100% of the grains used in each whiskey were grown and harvested, milled, distilled, and in this case, malted on the Frey family farm. Experimenting with the corn, wheat, barley, and rye that Co-Founder Colby Frey cultivates himself has become a hallmark of the brand

Stellum Black Equinox Blend #1

  • A specialty blend that offers the consumers more in terms of rarity, collectability, and insight into the inspiration behind the blends themselves. Blending in steps and with smaller batches allows the team to utilize barrels or even just parts of barrels that are particularly unique while still having a major influence on the whiskey’s character.

Barrell Vantage

  • This bourbon is finished in three different casks. Mizunara (A Japanese wood known for retaining moisture). French and toasted American. Each has a distinct flavor profile that adds to the bourbon. Where most blends fail is they try to get too fancy. Not here, Barrell Craft Spirits relies on a taste profile that would satisfy even the biggest bourbon snobs. They know precisely what they have and are not afraid to show it off.
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