You need to start somewhere when starting a bourbon collection. From the daily drinker to the never-open bottle.

Here are five bourbons that we know will get the job done.

Drinking Neat or on the Rocks

  • Four Roses Single Barrel: The brand is a staple for Bourbon-loving Americans who enjoy it neat or on the rocks for the ultimate experience.

Impress Your Friends

  • Blanton’s: Recently, this bourbon has become harder and harder to find and when you do the mark-up is outrageous. Blanton’s label proclaims that it is “the original single barrel bourbon whiskey.”


  • Maker’s Mark: This bourbon is the go-to mixer in anybody’s collection. Maker’s stands up well to almost any mixer thanks to its blend of wheat and malted barley, which take the edge off the corn’s sweetness.

Special Occasion

  •  Booker’s 25th Anniversary Edition: Blended from a very small quantity of barrels aged between nine and 11 years.

One you can never open:

  • Willett Family Estate Bottled Bourbon: There’s not a whole lot of Willett Family Estate bourbon out there, making it harder to find, but it’s well worth seeking out. Each bottle in this series is drawn from a single cask, making each unique. Ages vary from four to ten years, and flavors are exceptional.

Notable Mentions 

  • Woodford Reserve Double Oaked
  • Michter’s US1
  • Blue Run High Rye

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