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Bourbon without the Kentucky Hug? We have entered a new world of whiskey.

Forbidden Bourbon was created by Kentucky’s first titled female Master Distiller, Marianne Eaves.

The whiskey is a small batch that is hand-blended and is aged five years. Do not let the fancy bottle fool you. This bourbon will soon be a top favorite among bourbon enthusiasts.


How does a bourbon that registers at 95.2 proof have very little to no burn? I am not sure, but I love it.

The bottle design is unique due to its rigid lines and metal label. Taking the top off, you instantly get vanilla, deep-roasted corn and hazelnut aromas.

At first taste, I am a little taken aback by the mouthfeel, meaning that, again, there is minimal burn. It throws me a little. As I regroup, my senses are overwhelmed by caramel creme brulee, toffee, and a hint of cherry in the back of my throat. Each flavor works in unison.

The finish is the star of this bourbon. Creamy vanilla, caramel, butter toffee, and charred oak dance together with little to no burn is crazy. The only heat I felt was in my chest; I am unsure if that was just my excitement or the bourbon.

Get this bourbon now. It is a little higher at $129 but worth the extra money.

This whiskey receives 5/5 Barrels.

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