With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I am trying to figure out how to use this day to increase my ever-growing collection of bourbon, along with keeping my significant other happy. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks! Bourbon and chocolate.

Bourbon and chocolate are a classic flavor combination that is perfect for any occasion, especially Valentine’s Day. Some bourbons have hints of chocolate already in the flavor profile, so it makes sense to pair them together.

There are many different types of chocolate. Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content will provide a rich, intense flavor. Milk chocolate is creamier and buttery. White chocolate adds complexity and balances out the sweetness of the bourbon. If you dare, additives such as mint and chili in your chocolate change the whole dynamic of the spirit.

There are infinite combinations of chocolate and bourbon that you can explore. Still, some of my favorites include dark chocolate with Maker’s Mark or Knob Creek or milk chocolate with something a little hotter like Wild Turkey Rare Breed or Elijah Craig Barrel Proof.

So, how do you pull off buying bourbon for Valentine’s Day?

  1. Purchase a V-Day card.
  2. Buy as much bourbon as you like.
  3. Find good chocolate bars, not Snickers or Reese’s. Splurge for the good stuff.
  4. Break the chocolate down into categories, as noted above.
  5. Pour multiple drams to pair with the sweet delight.

Here is where it’s going to get tricky. There is a fine line between consuming bourbon and doing a pairing. Make sure you grab a pencil and a pad, so your significant other doesn’t see through your game.

It is essential to talk about pairing with the other person. Ask questions:

  • What flavor do you taste the most?
  • Does it complement or hurt the taste?

Experimenting with bourbon and chocolate can be fun and the effort will improve the experience for both bourbon and chocolate.

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