A pair of Kentucky icons are partnering to release a new whiskey in 2024. Buffalo Trace Distillery and Chris Stapleton are launching Traveller Whiskey.

The country music star spent many hours with legendary master distiller Harlen Wheatley, tasting over 50 recipe blends to find the perfect final product, Blend No. 40. Wheatly explains that “When on a quest to create something special, you don’t give up until you find the perfect combination.”

Traveller Whiskey will launch at 90 proof, but the exact mashbill remains unknown.

Stapleton and the distillery have worked together before by auctioning off limited-edition E.H. Taylor, Jr. single barrel bourbons that helped Stapleton’s charity, Outlaw State of Kind.

Of course, more details about the launch will be released next year, but we can only hope the two are a match made in heaven.

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