The bourbon sample used for this review was provided at no cost, courtesy of the respective company.

Steph Curry usually wins championships on the court with the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, but now the four-time NBA Champion and two-time MVP is also trying to be a champion in the bourbon space.

The bourbon is distilled, aged and bottled by Game Changer Distillery in Boone County, KY. Curry’s SC30 Inc. partnered with John Schwartz to form a joint venture with Boone County Distilling Co. in Kentucky.

Let’s hope this bourbon is a SWISH!!!


Aged between five to seven years and 100% pot still, Gentleman’s Cut bourbon comes in at 90 proof—a perfect sweet spot for bourbon drinkers that shy away from hotter bourbons.

Cracking the seal on a new bourbon is always exciting. I immediately get hints of licorice, star anise and maybe a little char oak.

Pot still bourbons are notorious for being grain-heavy, but it adds to the overall flavor profile for me.

The first sip reminded me of eating a Snickerdoodle cookie, with undertones of vanilla and hazelnut running through. Cinnamon and brown sugar permeate the palate.

The finish is more like Steph Curry’s basketball prowess, smooth and buttery with flavors of cinnamon, char, and citrus to round out the dram.

Look out for this newcomer when it hits shelves. Mr. Curry, if you read this, how about an autograph picture for my son, Lucas (LOL)?

This whiskey receives 4/5 Barrels.
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