Ask any bourbon lover how they enjoy bourbon and you will receive many answers. Answers such as on the rocks, mixed, or with a splash of water, etc… Not one way is correct, but ask any distiller, and they will answer, “Neat.” 

Neat means nothing added, just the bourbon and a glass. It is the most authentic expression that the distillery offers of its product. We are listing the five best bourbons to drink neat. 

  • Bulleit Bourbon 10-Year-Old: If it is good enough for the Duttons, it is good enough for me. 
  • Buffalo Trace: Again, if it is good enough for John, Rip and Beth, who am I to go against them? 
  • Uncle Nearest 1820: The teacher of Jack Daniels, how can you go wrong? 
  • Rabbit Hole Heigold Bourbon: A sleek bottle with an absolutely perfect flavor profile to sip pure. 
  • Eagle Rare 10-Year-Old: One of the best bourbons to sip on. If you can find it, hold to the bottle as long as possible. 

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