AATW, an owner and operator in the bourbon sector, is investing $11.8 million to build nine rickhouses that will create 10 full-time jobs by the end of the project.

AATW will be developing nine large bourbon rickhouses, which will provide the company with increased storage and transportation capabilities as well as the opportunity to offer third-party storage to support fellow businesses in the industry. The warehouses will be on a 52-acre property with direct access to the Bluegrass Parkway, facilitating seamless transportation. Each warehouse will have the capacity to hold up to 16,500 barrels of bourbon. In total, AATW’s storage capabilities will increase by 148,500 barrels. The site also presents an opportunity for tourism and event hosting. The property features an event space, the Barn at McCall Springs, which will be used for both private and public events. This will be the company’s first location in Anderson County.

“AATW is excited to be launching Extended Stave Warehousing in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky,” said Lev Orlov, partner of AATW. “The newly developed bourbon barrel warehousing facility will be available to third-party clients who need a safe, secure, accessible and state-of-the-art facility for their bourbon aging needs. We plan on aging our own bourbon alongside clients’ bourbon within the warehouses. The site will ultimately be home to nine warehouses, which can each hold 16,500 barrels creating a total capacity of 148,500 barrels. In addition to the warehouses, the site is home to an event space which will be rebranded this winter and be made available for various events ranging from weddings to barrel releases. We are excited to serve the bourbon community’s third-party warehousing needs and become a part of an industry with such deep roots in Kentucky.”

AATW is an owner and operator in the bourbon industry. The venture is led by partners Jason Taylor, Lev Orlov and Raj Patel.

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