BLACKENED Whiskey announces a groundbreaking collaboration with Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Whiskey Maker, Kaveh Zamanian, founder of renowned craft whiskey distillery, Rabbit Hole, for the 2023 release of its acclaimed “Masters of Whiskey Series.” Together, BLACKENED Master Distiller & Blender, Rob Dietrich, and Zamanian have created the BLACKENED x Rabbit Hole Blend of Straight Bourbon Whiskey Distilled in Tennessee & Kentucky. Finished in Calvados Casks, the blend is bottled at cask strength at a proof of 106.59, and non-chill filtered.

Debuted in 2021 with the BLACKENED x Willett Straight Rye Finished in Madeira Casks, the “Masters of Whiskey Series” is built upon the brand’s core tenant of collaboration, uniting the unparalleled expertise of two master craftsmen to reimagine craft whiskey and create new, extraordinary expressions.

For this release, esteemed whiskey visionaries, Dietrich and Zamanian, crafted the expression from a base of 13-year-old straight Tennessee bourbon whiskey featuring a mash bill of 64 percent corn, 36 percent rye, and Rabbit Hole Heigold High Rye Double Malt Kentucky straight bourbon, made from a mash bill of 70 percent corn, 25 percent malted rye, and 5 percent malted barley. The whiskey is then finished in Calvados Casks, imparting sweeter notes as Calvados is an apple brandy. The resulting expression features notes of apple butter, rhubarb, honeysuckle, graham cracker, and macadamia nut on the nose and hints of ripe pear, cinnamon stick, smoky campfire, field clover, honey, and black walnut on the palate.

The basis of the partnership stems from both brands’ and distillers’ uncompromising passion, reputation for forging their own paths in American Whiskey, and most importantly, their ability to innovate. For its whiskeys, Rabbit Hole’s Chief Whiskey Maker, Kaveh Zamanian, looks beyond traditional methods, creating one-of-a-kind mash bills using malt sourced from Europe, while BLACKENED Whiskey pushes the envelope with its Black Noise™ sonic-enhancement process.

During finishing, the whiskey is sonically enhanced to extract more flavor from the finishing casks, using a patent-pending scientific process co-developed by the sound engineers at Meyer Sound. The process produces low hertz sound waves causing the whiskey to reverberate at a fast rate, interacting with the oak staves of the finishing barrel, measurably releasing wood compounds and flavors. Their ardor for constantly challenging traditional whiskey-making processes and treating the craft as an art form led them to the flavorful blend.

“The ‘Masters of Whiskey Series’ represents our dedication to innovation and speaks to our core principle of collaboration,” said Metallica bassist, Robert Trujillo. “Just as Metallica always tries to blaze new trails with our music and artistic style, we love that we are able to do the same with our approach to crafting exceptional whiskey.”

As a testament to the collaboration and taste, the expression was entered into the 2023 New York Wine & Spirits Competition (NYWSC), where it was awarded a Gold Medal. Currently in its 13th year, the competition is one of the most respected judging events in the eastern USA and consists of a judging panel of the wine and spirits industry’s most trusted authorities.

The award-winning expression is available both in-store and online for limited quantities for a suggested retail price of $149.

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