The bourbon sample used for this review was provided at no cost, courtesy of the respective company.

Drinking bourbon while saving the environment is Nobel Oak’s mission. The planting projects they support are chosen along with its partners at One Tree Planted. Each bottle sold coincides with the planting of a tree.

To date, Nobel Oak and its partners have planted 1,000,000,000 trees across the United States, according to the website. 


This bourbon is kind of a mystery to me. The mystery is, where did the aroma go? At first pour, I couldn’t detect much, or if any odor was coming from the glass. If I had to, maybe brown sugar mixed with a little vanilla. I am not saying that’s a bad thing, but different.

The taste is not overwhelming, I would say, it was kind of mute. Knowing this is very young bourbon, I did expect it. Standard flavors of brown sugar, vanilla, and black pepper are detectable.

The finish had a tiny bit of sherry flavor, but not enough to satisfy including it on the bottle’s label. The burn was not there either, but sometimes that isn’t bad. I wanted more out of this double oak bourbon, but it wasn’t giving it to me.

Knowing that this is a kind of charity bourbon makes it go down a little better, but serious bourbon drinkers may stay away due to a lack of overall flavor and intensity.

This whiskey receives 3/5 Barrels.

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