Wyoming Whiskey announces the release of its extremely limited edition 1872 9-year-old straight bourbon whiskey. This exclusive whiskey will be sold in select US markets, including WyomingCaliforniaColoradoNew York and Georgia

1872 honors the first 150 years of Yellowstone National Park and helps support Yellowstone Forever in its continued efforts to protect, preserve and enhance the future of America’s first national park. With only 150 bottles available, this limited release is expected to hit shelves for a fleeting moment in time.

The name 1872 pays homage to March 1, 1872, when President Ulysses S. Grant signed the Yellowstone National Park Protection Act into law, which has protected one of the most unique natural environments on earth for the last 150 years. The label on each bottle’s front features an iconic William Henry Jackson photograph. Jackson’s photos brought the wild wonders of Yellowstone to life and impressed the need to protect and preserve the area for future generations. Each of the 150 bottles will also come with a custom leather carrying case, and all sales proceeds will be donated to Yellowstone Forever, up to a maximum donation of $150,000 based on distributor depletions, to support their ongoing effort to give back to Wyoming’s wild spaces, and namely Yellowstone in this commemorative anniversary year.

1872 is a 9-year-old straight bourbon whiskey made from a blend of 93% wheated bourbon and 7% ryed bourbon. It is bottled at 116 proof and is 58% ABV. It will retail for $399.99. Like all Wyoming Whiskey products, all grains are grown in Wyoming and are non-GMO. The water used to produce Wyoming Whiskey is also sourced from a local limestone aquifer that has not seen the light of day in over 6,000 years.

Tasting notes are as follows:

  • COLOR: Copper and hazelnut
  • NOSE: Orange Marmalade, Buttercream, Lemon Peel, Pound Cake, Marshmallow, Fresh Pomegranate
  • BODY: Caramelized Honey, Grilled Pears, Green Tea and White Peppercorn
  • MOUTHFEEL: Full bodied, gradual swelling roasted figs with bright flashes of mandarin and red licorice
  • FINISH: Zesty grapefruit rind, hints of licorice and cracked black pepper
  • AGED: 9 years

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