The aroma of backyard barbecue evokes lazy summer days. The newest TX Whiskey expression just may have captured that flavor aroma in its latest release — TX Straight Bourbon Whiskey Double Oak. The expression is the seventh in the the distillery’s Experimental Series, which features a line of limited batches all created with unique flavor notes.

This latest limited libation showcases flavor notes from two different barrels, hence the name. Barrel number one provides notes of bourbon, caramel, vanilla, and various spices, while barrel number two is charred and smoked to produce aromas like campfire smoke, grilled peach, toasted oak, and caramel.

“The double barreling process of this experimental product allows the spirit to express an aroma reminiscent of a Texas barbecue,” said Head Distiller, Evan Brewer. “The smokey and grilled flavors that hit your nose pair exceptionally well with the fall, fruity flavors that carry through the palate, making this expression the one to reach for during these cooler months.”

Only 1,300 bottles of TX Straight Bourbon Whiskey Double Oak will be available.

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