Trinity River Distillery announces the hiring of its new Master Distiller, Brett Luchesi. Brett has been a part of the industry for 11 years, starting out with Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits in San Diego, CA.

He has played crucial roles in distillery build-outs, design, layout, process piping, recipe formulation, spirit portfolio growth, large alcohol brand acquisitions, distillery consulting, and process efficiencies. His dedication and craft have been recognized and awarded nationally and internationally.

“I am thrilled to be a part of Silver Start Spirits,” Luchesi states. “It’s a tight-knit team, they share my values in doing this the right way and making the highest quality products possible. My family and I are excited to be a part of the Fort Worth community.”

Since launching in 2012 Trinity River Distillery, with its Silver Star brands, has been making some of the finest tasting spirits produced in the great state of Texas. Each brand is made with nature’s finest rainwater collected on-site in 13,000-gallon storage tanks on-site at their iconic near-downtown Fort Worth facility that Ranch Style Beans used to call home.

The current portfolio of Silver Star brands includes:

  • Silver Star Whiskey is a traditional bourbon mash, comprised of Texas corn, rye, and barley. After distillation, the whiskey is placed into charred, single-use, American white oak barrels and laid to rest. After barrel aging, we cut to proof using purified Texas rainwater. Silver Star Whiskey is a uniquely smooth, slightly sweet everyday drinking whiskey.
  • 1849, Silver Star Texas Bourbon Whiskey is made from our preferred mash of Texas-grown corn, rye and barley and aged in new American white oak barrels for 3 years. e result is a balanced straight bourbon whiskey that has become a favorite of mixologists. We named it “1849” in honor of the establishment of Fort Worth, Texas by Mexican American War hero, General William Jenkins Worth. It’s not only characterized by a legend and a legendary city, but it’s the true spirit of the modern west.

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