A new bourbon brand just burst onto the scene with an homage to people who favor outdoor living and a satisfying drink.

“Our first product was just bottled last month,” said founder Rob Thomas. “Our first plan is to expand local distribution state-by-state across the country.”

Timberwolf Whiskey is a 94-proof bourbon with what Thomas calls “a distinctively bold, peppery flavor for sipping straight or mixing. Being from the pacific northwest, our brand demographic are people who enjoy the outdoors, mountains, and nature.”

Crafted in small batches and barrel-aged, Timberwolf Whiskey’s ingredients are 60% corn, 35% rye, and 5% barley. “Obviously, being an aged bourbon, we do source barrels from other distillers,” Thomas noted.

What inspired a Vancouver-born Canadian techie to create a new bourbon? Thomas said the idea came to him when he was on a road trip and literally came up dry.

“While road tripping through North American ski towns, I kept being disappointed at a culture that seemed to focus on cheap draught beer and cinnamon flavored whiskey shooters,” he said.

“Bourbon is my favorite whiskey to drink, and it was important to me that a new product would also be something that I would enjoy,” he said. “We applied our passion for mountain sports and the outdoors to create a quality whiskey that can be enjoyed after a hard day’s work.”

It took a few months for Thomas to perfect the formulation. But he kept working at it, determined to create a new bourbon for a market that’s already booming.

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