Heaven Hill Brand, Widow Jane releases its annual limited edition, the Vaults. The whiskey combines the oldest stocks from the distillery, aged a minimum of 15 years, and then blended in small batches. The bourbon is aged another three months at Wido Jane’s Red Hook rickhouse.

The finishing barrels are made of Chinquapin Oak Staves, which were harvested from trees grown on a limestone-rich shelf in Northern Kentucky and air-seasoned for at least 48 months.

The suggested retail price is $249 per 75750 mlbottle.

The Vaults 2023 is Widow Jane’s first national bourbon released under the direction and supervision of Sienna Jevremov, who was named head distiller and blender in October 2022.

“The Vaults allows us to explore the fascinating dimensions of both extended time resting and unique oak choices on the character of bourbon,” Jevremov says. “Blending these exceptional bourbons from our Tennessee and Indiana stocks was a meticulous process, finding gems in the bunch, then layering in flavor through matchmaking of 15-year-old with 20-year-old whiskey. Finally marrying them with the distinct flavors of this slow-growing KY white oak species (Quercus muehlenbergii), the result of which is a spirit that whiskey collectors are sure to treasure.”

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