This isn’t your average whiskey; it’s one born out of a triple-dog-dare challenge and a spirit that offers adventure in every sip.

The audacious spirit of Ireland invites fans to “Take the Dare.” The brand’s motto speaks to being bold, stepping out of one’s comfort zone, embracing new experiences, and taking on challenges in various aspects of life. Such challenges may include going after your dream job, climbing to the top of a mountain, learning to sail, traveling to a foreign country, learning a new language, conquering a fear, and much more. Show appreciation for the paternal figure in your life who pushes the envelope and lives life to the fullest by gifting him Triple Dog Irish Whiskey this Father’s Day, and watch as he embraces the boldness within. With its rich, smooth flavor and unmistakable edgy packaging, Triple Dog is the ultimate choice for daring dads who fearlessly take on life’s challenges.

In the spirit of togetherness, why not share a shot of Triple Dog Irish Whiskey with Dad this Father’s Day after taking on a dare together? Whether it’s celebrating your first bungee jumping experience, skydiving, or simply confessing embarrassing childhood stories or dreams, toast with Triple Dog Irish Whiskey over unforgettable moments and bonds.

When raising a glass to dad, Irish whiskey imbibers can elevate the ordinary and ignite the extraordinary with Triple Dog Irish Whiskey. With its modern taste profile, Triple Dog is masterfully crafted from a blend of the finest Irish malted and unmalted grains, triple-distilled in a copper pot still, and copper column stills. This deliciously distinctive whiskey is bottled at 40% ABV / 80 proof, making it an incredibly approachable whiskey to drink neat, over ice, or in a cocktail. Triple Dog Irish Whiskey has a sweet aroma of toasted caramel, and a rich palette of crème brûlée, honey, and cracked vanilla bean followed by a defined citrus finish. Each bottle contains a spirit aged at least four years in French oak casks.

For those planning on firing up the grill for pops, Triple Dog Irish Whiskey is a delicious choice to pair with BBQ items. The sweet notes of this Irish whiskey pair well with the mouthwatering flavors of BBQ sauce and grilled meats.


Celebrate dear daring dad (especially the triple-dog-daring kind) with the gift of Triple Dog Irish Whiskey and cheers to unleashing boldness! Shoppers can find 750ml bottles available for purchase (SRP $39.99) at select retailers nationwide as well as online for direct-to-door shipping in most states via

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