The Global Spirits Masters Competitions took place in July and Kentucky bourbon continues to reign supreme. Here are the results of The American Whiskey Masters 2022.

Four Roses Distillery took home a Double Gold win for its Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon and Four Roses Straight Bourbon.

  • Four Gold medals were awarded in this round – two of which went to Four Roses Distillery. The producer collected the medals for its Single Barrel Bourbon, which offered “cream soda, oakiness” on the nose, leading to “sharp citrus and baking spices” on the palate. Small Batch Select Bourbon was found to have “woody spices and orange peel” on the nose, and “powerful spiciness” on the palate.

Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished in Port Wine Barrels delivered aromas of “resin and furniture polish”, with “toasted sugar, marmalade” on the palate. Craft found this to have “rough layers, but elegant in a classic Bourbon style”. “Very reliable category,” noted Taylor. “Bold experiences.

In the top-price tier, the judges discovered the first Master medallist of the contest: Remus Repeal Reserve Straight Bourbon.

Taylor’s team said about this whiskey: “Lilacs and peonies, burnt sugar fields. Bold but textbook Bourbon. It is a very lovely example of what a classic quality Bourbon should be.”

Two Gold medals were also awarded to Eagle Rare 17 Years Old, with its “varnish and cherry compote” flavors, and Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon, which had “caramel, oak, and a fresh finish”.

A large selection of no-age-statement Bourbons were examined next, with one product standing out from the masses: WL Weller Craft Your Perfect Bourbon from Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Nine Gold medals were celebrated in this heat, showcasing why age isn’t everything.

Among the Gold winners were: “nutty, intensely sweet” Stagg Jr; “fruity, toffee” 291 Colorado Bourbon Finished with Aspen Wood Staves, Small Batch; and “richly textured, biscuit, rounded palate” WL Weller Antique. Five Silvers completed the flight, including Yellow Rose Harris County.

Three Golds were also awarded in the Bourbon–Aged up to 7 Years round.

  • George Remus Straight Bourbon secured a Gold award for flavors of “toffee, Caramac, and a lovely brown-sugar palate”.
  • Bentley Heritage Estate Distillery Bourbon bagged Gold for notes of “salty soy sauce aromas, and spice over a sweetened base”.
  • Wild Turkey 101 walked away with a Gold medal for aromas of “baked apricots and dried fruit” and “heavier spice” on the palate.

Another Master was enjoyed in the following flight: Bourbon – Aged over 8 Years.

WL Weller 12 Years Old left a lasting impression on the judges. Chambers was full of praise for this whiskey: “Lovely nose of vanilla, coconut, chocolate, and peach. Super silky on the palate with a lovely balance of sweetness, oak and spice, with plenty of depth. Feels very classy – superb.”

Three Golds were awarded to: “very balanced, expressive” Eagle Rare 10 Years Old; Russell’s Rye 10 Years Old with “delicious apricot-like fruitiness”; and “classy, velvety” Longbranch.

The final Bourbon heat delivered a Gold medallist in the form of A Smith Bowman Cask Strength, which offered “lovely vanilla and maple notes” with a splash of water.

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