Still Austin’s Straight Rye Whiskey, spring release, is a product of Still Austin Whiskey Co., a craft distillery located in Austin, Texas. Using a rabbit on the label to represent spring, this full-spiced bourbon does have a lot of hop to it at its bottled-in-bond proof of 100.

Even though it’s not technically a bourbon (as bourbon must be primarily made from corn), it is a straight rye whiskey, meaning it’s primarily made from rye grain and aged for at least two years in new charred oak barrels and I still want to review it.

Still Austin Straight Rye Whiskey is generally known for its bold flavors and unique character. Some common characteristics associated with its rye whiskey include spicy notes, herbal undertones and a robust mouthfeel. This is part of a four-bottle series and a limited release.

Upon first whiff, this bourbon gives an explosion of cherries and vanilla bean that immediately make me want to taste it – a very delightful and unexpected aroma followed by the spices this bourbon is known for.

The first sip reveals a very bold and full-bodied rye whiskey with a spicy rush that coated my tongue very nicely. Sweet oak, pecans and honey flavors dominate, followed by a wave of bold spices such as ginger, pepper and clover.

Despite being a rye whiskey, it has a unique balance between sweetness and spice that resembles that of a good bourbon.

The finish is very satisfying and dry, with lingering notes of nuts and my favorite, a chocolate bar taste. It’s very clean and leaves you wanting more after the first drink.

Overall, this craft bourbon’s straight rye whiskey is very good and even though I am a true bourbon lover, I would consider sipping on this bottle this spring.

This Bourbon receives 3/5 Barrels


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