The South Bend Locals whiskey company released a new bourbon batch in collaboration with the Indiana Whiskey Company.  

Named the Bourbon Batch No. 2, the whiskey is derived from corn, barley, and wheat mash distilled in handmade copper stills. The bourbon is then aged in smaller barrels in the same space, allowing for a distinctive flavor to take effect.  

South Bend Locals Bourbon Batch No.2 is for people who understand the importance of making something of quality with their hands. Batch No. 2 begins as a mash made-up of corn, barley, and wheat. Then it’s distilled in our one-of-a-kind copper still designed by Charles Florance. Charles, the founder of Indiana Whiskey, had it hand-made by craftsmen in South Bend. Finally, we age our bourbon in smaller barrels that are stored in the same space as our still. This unique relationship between our custom copper still and the placement of our barrels allows for fluctuation in temperature that adds to our distinctive flavor.

South Bend Locals says the 100-proof batch is smooth and sweet with a caramel forward taste and vanilla hints. 

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