Shankar Distillers, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, announced its Varchas Straight Bourbon and Varchas Straight Rye Whiskeys won prestigious silver medals from the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC).

Scott Blaine, VP of Operations, Shankar Distillers, states: “The San Francisco Spirits competition is the oldest in North America and largest in the world. We are honored to receive silver medals for Varchas straight bourbon and straight rye whiskeys. The medals demonstrate that our products can compete on the world stage. As a startup distiller, we know we are on the right track and will continue to strive to produce products that spirit competition judges will award, and our customers will buy and enjoy.”

What is the San Francisco World Spirits Competition? 

  • Founded in 2000 by the Tasting Alliance, whose competitions rank among the world’s most influential; their competitions elevate the reputation of thousands of brands and represent the ultimate curator for the world’s best wine and spirits
  • The SFWSC silver medal goes to outstanding spirits showing refinement, finesse, and complexity, and winning an award from the Tasting Alliance is a critical step for any producer seeking recognition in the wine and spirits industry
  • Judged on an individual basis, the competition uses blind bourbon tastings
  • 70 judges from around the world evaluated approximately 5,000 spirits over two weeks in April
  • A detailed list of SFWSC winners is here: SFWSC 2022 Results | The Tasting Alliance

Shankar Distillers, LLC, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, was founded and is led by Varchasvi Shankar, President and CEO of V2Soft Inc., an emerging technology leader providing innovative technology services and expert staffing solutions worldwide since 1998.

The whiskey brand is a passion project for Shankar; as a whiskey enthusiast, he is devoted to making great-tasting premium American whiskey and sharing the American heritage worldwide. Shankar created a product that represents his life — he comes from the historic city of Mysore, South India, a region with rich history and vibrant culture, built on victorious battles won by the Kings of Mysore. He credits his success as an immigrant to the wealth of opportunities found in the United States and his business victories.  The company plans to export Varchas Bourbon and Rye whiskeys to India this year. “Through our research, we are making bourbons for different palettes that are sought after in countries such as India, Germany and others,” noted Varchasvi.

The stories come together through the bottles’ intriguing, sexy packaging: the unique logo, a double-headed eagle — a winning symbol of the Mysore Kingdom, and a collectible metallic American Eagle stopper, symbolizing American success. Shankar Distillers plans to release a series of aged bourbon and rye with various finishes that distinguish its unique brand.

Shankar Distillers, LLC and V2Soft, Inc. are certified Minority-Owned Businesses.

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