Ross & Squibb Distillery, formerly MGP, will release Remus Repeal Reserve Series VI Straight Bourbon Whiskey this September.

This limited-edition bourbon is the sixth-annual offering in the distillery’s Remus Repeal Reserve Bourbon collection.

Bottled at 100 proof/50% ABV, Remus Repeal Reserve Series VI retails for a suggested price of $99.99 per 750-ml bottle. It is available in limited quantities in September to coincide with National Bourbon Heritage Month.

Created by Master Distiller Ian Stirsman and his team, Series VI comprises five bourbons, aged between 8-14 years, from its 175-year-old distillery in Lawrenceburg, IN. Made in a signature high-rye style, the medley changes each year, allowing Stirsman and his team to experiment with various mash bills and aged reserves.

Remus Repeal Reserve Series VI is comprised of 2% 2008 bourbon (21% Rye), 17% 2012 bourbon (36% Rye), 27% 2012 bourbon (21% Rye), 29% 2014 bourbon (21% Rye) and 25% 2014 bourbon (36% Rye).

Series VI leads with aromas of candied fruit with a hint of nutmeg and saddle leather, the company reports. The initial taste includes candied fruit and fig jam, followed by oak and barrel char, mint and slight caramel, nutmeg, toffee, and honey. The finish offers a balance of candied fruit and leather, with a lingering sweetness and rye spice.

“The Remus Repeal Reserve series provides our team the opportunity to showcase the incredible array of aged reserves available to work with, as well as our expertise at blending these bourbons to create a special medley each year,” says Stirsman. “Series VI is the latest in this award-winning collection that is certain to be yet another excellent example of what our Remus Repeal collection represents: what great bourbon can be.”

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