Playboy Spirits’ Rare Hare presents its latest barrel discovery with Lucky Bastard. It offers 2,500 limited edition bottles of its 30-year-old Canadian whiskey finished in Pineau Des Charentes barrels, a regional French aperitif making waves in the high-end cocktail scene.

Lucky Bastard embodies the meticulous artistry of blending and finishing whiskey, drawing inspiration from techniques employed in Cognac production. Crafted and passed over three decades with unwavering care, Rare Hare utilized innovative methods, including regular tastings and strategic barrel relocations, to ensure the ideal environment for its final maturation and secondary finishing. At that time, Rare Hare’s master blender transferred the mature whiskey into seasoned Pineau Des Charentes casks for 120 days. Pineau des Charentes, a fortified wine made by blending the region’s grape juice with young eau-de-vie Cognac, lends its inherent sweetness and flavors of vanilla-imbued fruits to Lucky Bastard for a distinct flavor profile that sets it apart. 

Gradually revealing its intricate layers of flavor, akin to the enjoyment of fine wine, this worldly expression imparts a symphony of taste rarely encountered in a pour of whiskey. The combination of young coconut, plantains, mellow Martinique rhum, serrano chili, anise, and mandarin orange create a harmonious blend that evolves in the glass, enticing you to discover more. 

“This whiskey was made with the collaboration of expert blenders, cooperages, and winemakers. We tasted weekly and chased flavors using whatever methods regulations allowed. This required close attention to the weather and changing between sunny or shaded parts of our facilities,” said Rare Hare Spirits’ Chief Operations Officer, Alex Moore, who oversaw the finishing process. “Extensive aging requires particular care to prevent over-making of a product. As with cognac, aging something for so long takes special attention to design and intention. It’s not a product you throw in a barrel and forget about.” 

The name Lucky Bastard pays homage to Playboy’s legacy in gaming, where the brand’s captivating presence and influence have shaped unforgettable experiences. It represents Rare Hare’s ability to curate extraordinary moments. At the same time, the limited-edition whiskey delivers a sensory adventure that captures the thrill of winning big, and owning a bottle is truly a fortunate and coveted opportunity.

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