Scotti’s Original Springs Bourbon was born out of the love for an original straight bourbon produced in Kentucky post-prohibition.  Doug Scotti’s grandfather, Pete Scotti, opened Scotti’s Liquor Store in downtown St. Louis in the 1940s.  At Scotti’s, you could belly up to the bar for a drink and buy alcohol directly from the store.  The era was more socially acceptable to drink during the workday, and customers were everyday people, including businessmen, lawyers, bankers, government workers, and police.

Doug Scotti recalls, “My grandfather knew that his customers would buy more from his store if his prices were reasonable.”  Pete created his own mottos: “Fast nickels are better than slow dimes”, and “If you don’t buy it from me, we both lose money.”  Scotti’s Liquor Store carried all the traditional name brand whiskeys, and over time he began to develop his own brand, Scotti’s Original Springs straight bourbon.

A few years ago, Doug stumbled across a bottle of his grandfather’s bourbon on eBay, and he took it as a sign to re-establish his grandfather’s legacy.  Too many bourbons today have weak links to any legacy or authenticity.  Doug remembered his grandfather’s legacy and the brand he developed years ago and wanted to recreate that original look and feel of a 1940s bourbon.  Fast forward to today, Scotti’s Original Springs (a 2-year-old straight bourbon) is the latest player in the bourbon category that launched in 2021.

Authenticity, stories, uniqueness — these are what help brands stand out on today’s overcrowded shelves.  Doug states, “We have brought this recipe to consumers in remembrance of his passion.”  Scotti’s Bourbon is a high-quality, smooth bourbon priced perfectly for a “call” bourbon, a reasonable price for the everyday drinker.  The Veteran-owned distillery, R6 Distillery, used 100% California purple barley, rye, and corn to augment the original flavor.

Purple barley, a rare grain, is an untraditional ingredient for traditional bourbon. Originally from the Tibetan mountains, grown at 9000 ft levels. Seeds were tucked in a seed vault for a century and then planted in the Willamette Valley, OR. It is an heirloom grain (non-GMO).  Doug Scotti also states, “The uniqueness of purple barley in the mash bill gives the bourbon a unique nutty flavor, with a hearty flavor and finish.  The color is rich and deep and keeps with our family tradition.”

R6 Distillery is a family and veteran-owned distillery in El Segundo, California, just south of Los Angeles International Airport. Rob Rubens built a grain-to-glass distillery and uses locally sourced ingredients. Rob maintains a close relationship with its farmers and recycles the grain for cattle feed. Scotti Original Springs Bourbon is produced by hand from beginning to end, with every bottle being scrutinized and bottles numbered by the cask.

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