Pursuit Spirits, founded by the creators of the popular podcast Bourbon Pursuit, have announced the 2022 release of their award-winning Pursuit United Bourbon and Pursuit United Rye. Both releases feature older components and now have accompanying batch codes based on fan feedback. Distribution is also expanding into Ohio and New Mexico to reach more avid followers of the brand. These small-batch products will be available in limited quantities starting in August 2022.

“Whiskey consumers are more educated than ever,” says Co-Founder Kenny Coleman. “I received countless messages from purchasers asking if the bottles they have were batch 1 or 2. After gathering more feedback from our most loyal fans, we decided to implement a new batch coding system. Now there is no mystery.” The new coding system starts with the number of the month. The following two letters are based on the last two digits of the year with A being 0 (zero), B is 1 (one), etc. This release of Pursuit United Bourbon and Pursuit United Rye is 7CC which represents July 22.

After the successful launch of Pursuit United Rye in 2021, the team decided to multiply its output by five and release a total of 10,446 bottles. In addition, the back of Pursuit United Rye labels will no longer display an age statement because all components are older than four years. “When I tasted through our barrels of rye whiskey, I knew this was going to be special,” says Co-Founder Ryan Cecil. “It’s not your traditional 95/5 rye because a major component is a corn-heavy mashbill.” Pursuit United Rye was created for bourbon lovers with notes of brown sugar, baked cinnamon on green apples, and hints of citrus flavor followed by mint, tea, and cloves.

Pursuit United Bourbon features a new mashbill in the blend. “The types of barrels we used for the first two releases of Pursuit United were not available so we worked with Bardstown Bourbon Company to find a similar product of theirs,” Ryan Cecil said. “After multiple small-scale blends, I moved forward on a mashbill that has a little bit more rye. This delivers a bit more spice and a deeper stone fruit taste.” Pursuit United Bourbon had a lower than anticipated yield with 10,794 bottles that will make their way to market.

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