Pursuit Spirits have announced the re-release of its Pursuit United Oak Collection Bourbon Finished with Toasted American and French Oak with Batch #4CD. The formula was developed by Master Blender Ryan Cecil, who perfectly balances the flavors of the oak finishes through a double blending process.

The Oak Collection is an ongoing series of curated whiskey blends and barrel finishes that explore taste and constant innovation. Pursuit United Bourbon, Finished with Toasted American and French Oak, is a hit among consumers and critics, scoring a 95 and being awarded Gold at the 2023 New York International Spirits Competition.

For this release, the base blend was created using 10 barrels that were hand-selected from 3 different distilleries in Kentucky (Bardstown Bourbon Company), Tennessee (Undisclosed, but not in Tullahoma), and New York (Finger Lakes Distilling). The process involved dividing the blend into proprietary ratios and imparting the two oak flavor profiles individually in a finishing vessel. Once each component has the desired amount of toasted or French oak character, the two are blended together once again. This double-blending process provides an innovative and custom flavor profile where sweetness and bitterness complement each other.

Like the original release, the nose is met with a flamed orange peel followed by dusted dark chocolate roasted nuts. The chocolate notes continue with a hazelnut spread and cherry cola on the palate. Familiar toasted oak notes, cloves, and black pepper are prominent on the finish. French oak and toasted American add a subtle layer of complexity and depth to the flavor profile.

“The Oak Collection is another facet to our commitment to delivering high-quality, small-batch whiskeys, “ said Co-Founder and Master Blender Ryan Cecil. “I want to create new and bold flavors that captivate a whiskey enthusiast who wants something fun and creative.” The brand has quickly gained a reputation for its attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

Pursuit United Oak Collection Bourbon Finished with Toasted American and French Oak is bottled at 108 proof and is now available in select markets in CO, GA, KY, MO, NM, OH, TN, TX, and online at seelbachs.com for $74.99. Use the store locator on pursuitspirits.com to find a store near you.

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