Overholt holds the distinction of being one of the longest-standing whiskey brands in the United States. It was founded in 1810 by Abraham Overholt in Scottdale, Pennsylvania, and was one of the few distilleries to survive Prohibition. It’s a brand with a rich history to channel, and this latest addition is no different—A. Overholt is made with the same mashbill (80% rye and 20% malted barley) that Overholt used in 1810.

Of course, it’s been years since Old Overholt was made in Pennsylvania. It was acquired by Beam back in 1987, and production then shifted to Kentucky. Another legacy Pennsylvania rye, Rittenhouse, was acquired by Heaven Hill in 1999 and also saw production move down to Kentucky. They represent two surviving brands from Pennsylvania’s rich rye past.

With its mashbill of 80% rye and 20% malted barley, the new A. Overholt channels its Old Monongahela roots. Bottled at 47.5% ABV, retailing nationwide at $40, it’s part of the permanent Overholt lineup, which also includes Old Overholt 4 year old, Old Overholt 4 year old Bottled in Bond, and Old Overholt Extra Aged Cask Strength. It’s made by master distiller Freddie Noe at the James B. Beam Distilling Co. in Clermont, Kentucky.

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