In 1870, our founder George Garvin Brown was the first to seal his whisky, Old Forester, in a glass bottle. What better way to celebrate his birthday and our favorite spirit (and we think yours too), than with a limited edition vintage-dated expression: Birthday Bourbon.

Enter for a chance to purchase (1) bottle of Old Forester Birthday Bourbon (MSRP $169.99) at the Old Forester Distillery in Louisville, KY.

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This 22nd limited edition expression of Birthday Bourbon is presented at 96 proof. After showing exceptionally unique character during a tasting panel, the 11-year-old barrels were chosen specifically for Birthday Bourbon. Hand selected by Master Distiller Chris Morris, this small batch bourbon offers a unique character and flavor profile that will never be replicated.

The prize consists of the opportunity to purchase one (1) limited-edition bottle of Old Forester 2022 Birthday Bourbon, (MSRP $169.99) (the “Prize”) in person at Old Forester Distilling Co., located at 119 W Main St. Louisville, KY 40202.

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