Watershed Distillery was founded in Columbus in 2010. The distillery will join the New Jersey-based Marussia Beverages USA, the U.S.-arm of Switzerland-based Marussia Beverages Group.

“In Marussia Beverages, we see the same entrepreneurial spirit that has driven our growth here at Watershed Distillery. Working with John Horn [CEO of Marussia Beverages USA] and the executive team at Marussia has been energizing and exciting. As we plan to grow our footprint here in Central Ohio and throughout the country, we see potential opportunities for our current team, future employees, and the Columbus region.” said Watershed Distillery co-founder and CEO Greg Lehman, who will continue to oversee all operations.

 “We started as two guys with a big idea, one small pot still and 2,000 square feet,” Lehman said. “The community rallied behind the brand, energized us day after day, and supported us year after year. This strategic acquisition allows us to stay a part of the community that built us, continuing to grow here and share Ohio-made spirits with people nearby.”

Watershed currently occupies 35,000 square feet, operates two copper stills, and a bar and restaurant. It employs more than 70 people, mostly in Central Ohio.

All production will remain in Columbus, and there are plans to expand in Central Ohio.

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