Brown Water Spirits LLC, the maker of O.H. Ingram River Aged, is proud to announce that it is embarking on a fall road show, visiting key markets, holding public events and spreading the word about the only whiskey aged in a floating barrelhouse on the Mississippi River.

During September, the team – led by Founder Hank Ingram – will be stopping in cities throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Public events include in-store tastings, the Kentucky Bourbon Festival and the Whiskey Wisconsin Festival, among others. Fans are asked to stay tuned for more details as September nears.

“We always love getting out on the road and meeting the people who are as passionate about what we’re doing as we are. But what we really love is introducing our brand and story to folks who haven’t had a chance to experience it yet – that’s what I’m really looking forward to,” said Ingram River Aged FounderHank Ingram. “This roadshow is all about telling our story to a wider audience. Consumer response so far has been amazing but I’m looking forward to bringing even more people into the River Aged family.”

Inside our floating barrelhouse, barrels of O.H. Ingram River Aged whiskey spend years exposed to the climate and constant motion of the Mississippi River. This unique aging combines tradition and innovation. The motion of the river ensures that the whiskey never stops working, creating an extraordinary spirit with a taste mature beyond its years. We call it Mellowed on the Mississippi. You can see full details about the unique aging here.

Ingram River Aged is currently available on shelves in Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. It is also available for online purchase via Seelbach’s. Additional markets will come as inventory allows through R.S. Lipman and Vintage Point, the National Sales Agent.

To learn more about Ingram River Aged and sign up for updates, please visit and use the Ingram River Aged Brand Finder to see where it’s available near you. Note that there may be a delay in adding sales locations to the map. Customers are encouraged to call their local store or neighborhood bar.

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