Kentucky-based small batch distillery New Riff partnered with Speakeasy Co, the leading DTC eCommerce platform in the alcohol industry, launching an online storefront in April 2023.

Founded in 2014, New Riff is 100% family-owned, allowing the distillery to pursue quality with no short-term thinking or compromise. Speakeasy empowers partners to own their growth in the spirits industry, providing exceptional customer service from the first website visit to the delivery of the product. New Riff and Speakeasy are now aligned to deliver New Riff’s award-winning whiskies with Speakeasy’s customized shopping experience.

By partnering with Speakeasy, New Riff can seamlessly deliver its private barrel selections, a differentiator for the brand in the industry. The private barrel program allows small groups, parties, or companies to taste 3-5 blends and end the selection process with a personalized barrel and bottles. New Riff utilizes Speakeasy’s centralized fulfillment to ship the customized product back to participants of that exclusive tasting.

“With Speakeasy’s recent expansion to the East Coast, the fulfillment possibilities really appealed to us,” said Ken Lewis, founder and president of New Riff. “We’re a family-owned distillery with a growing reputation in the industry. It’s incredible to carry our new riff on an old tradition into national markets we haven’t already reached.”

“While we host hundreds of brands on our platforms, we find inspiration in each one,” said Josh Jacobs, CEO and co-founder of Speakeasy. “New Riff, ” a family-owned, nationally renowned brand, demonstrates dedication to customer experiences, developing in-house expertise, and taking no shortcuts. We look forward to growing our partnership and learning from each other.”

Currently, New Riff offers 11 bottled spirits on the Speakeasy platform. To start your private barrel experience, reach out to [email protected].

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