Never Say Die is the first Bourbon to be distilled in Kentucky, shipped via Atlantic Ocean vessel and then matured in England. Never Say Die is the English take on the American Dream.

“Our custom mash bill has been designed to consistently highlight the essence of the small grains, using carefully selected local grains. It is a pioneering sweet mash that results in a smoother, more flavourful whiskey. We also use high-quality, mineral-rich limestone-filtered water sourced from the deepest aquifer in Kentucky.

“We add our Bourbon whiskey to well seasoned, charred American oak barrels and tuck them away to mature to perfection for up to four years in Kentucky before it embarks on the final leg of its journey across the ocean to finish.”

The name, Never Say Die originated in 1951 on Hamburg Farm in Lexington, KY. A foal had a rough birth, and its life was in danger due to poor breathing. Legendary horseman John A. Bell III was on site and poured a shot of whiskey down the throat of the struggling foal. Through the night, the young horse made a dramatic recovery and was aptly named Never Say Die.

Three years later, after experiencing some success in England, Never Say Die was entered into the biggest race in the world, the 175th running of the Derby Stakes at Epsom Downs (aka the Epsom Derby). In front of a shocking 250K spectators, including Queen Elizabeth II and Sir Winston Churchill, Never Say Die, at 33-1 odds, beat out 22 other horses to become the first American-born horse to win the race in over 70 years.

It is priced at $88 and bottled at a cask strength of 56%-61% ABV.

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